The Connectivity Benefits of Living in Lake Grande Singapore

Wondering where to settle down? Singapore would be the ideal choice. There are many opportunities and options for doing business in this country. Apart from that, you can think of owning a flat as an investment. Being a country that has the right mix of people from all over the world like China, Malaysia, and India, you can find the right amount of everything in here.

the connectivity benefits of living in lake grande singapore

A condo named Lake Grande is being built by MCL Land which is a reputable builder in Singapore. The builder has worked on successful projects earlier. In this article we will read some of the connectivity benefits of planning to buy a flat here. Any place would be ideal to live when you have the proper connectivity options. They can include road and rail.

Connectivity benefits

The condo has two MRT stations which include Chinese Garden MRT station and Lakeside MRT station. They can be accessed by walking down for few minutes. Apart from that, you can travel down to Malaysia with the High Speed Rail (HSR) and the Jurong Region Line (JRL) in less than 2 hours. Apart from that you can easily travel down by road to CBD/ Orchard which does not take more than 18 minutes.

For drivers all major expressways are easily accessible including the AYE, PIE, BKE and KJE. There are also schools and colleges nearby.

Exciting opportunities

Other historic locations which are close by are Chingay, the Singapore International Festival of the Arts, and the Marina Bay area. You will also want to know that the food is a mix of China, Indonesia, Malaysia, India and others. You can choose what you really like. The area is surrounded by excellent educational centers which provide quality education.

With such a strong economy and ideal living conditions, there is no reason why you should not decide to stay in Lake Grande condo.

Sturdee Residences: Homes with a contemporary style

Sturdee Residences, which are a new and upcoming development near the Farrer Park MRT Station, boasts the world’s first integrated hospitality-healthcare complex. All your healthcare needs can be addressed properly and emergency situations can be dealt with more readily. A dedicated team of medical professionals will be available at all times. Such an arrangement allows for a greater peace of mind for the residents of Sturdee Residences who will not have to look beyond the complex when it comes to maintaining constitution.

sturdee residences homes with a contemporary style

Homes with a contemporary style

The appliances that the modern homes of Sturdee Residences are equipped with are all branded and have an assurance of quality that comes with them. The kitchen is fully equipped and it is a modular kitchen. The electrical fittings that are present in the homes are all top notch and proper care has been taken to ensure the safety of the residents when it comes to electrical connections.The homes available at Sturdee Residences are elegant while serving the needs of a modern resident.

Scenic beauty of the surroundings

The condominiums at Sturdee Residences are surrounded with multi-purpose serving complexes such as Serangoon Plaza and Mustafa Centre. There is a privilege and pride when your home is located in the heart of the city and you no longer have to be cut off from any part of the city due to distance.On the principal front, the condo represents a futuristic solution to your needs for a well-designed home. The lavish treatment of the bathroom fixtures gives you a feeling of being pampered.

Plenty of options

There is almost a burden of choice when having to choose from a range of homes from single bedroom to five bedroom penthouse. The design of the homes is smart to avoid any odd corners so that the livable space can be increased to a maximum. The two towers will rise to be near the clouds and provide an excellent view of the city. Visit to book your unit today.

Why is High Park Residence one of the best residences of Singapore

There are many residential units available in Singapore. Most of them are common in terms of the facilities they provide. Among them, one unique residential project is the High Park Residences @ Fernvale. This brand new development is located along the Fernvale Road in Sengkang, District 28 in Singapore. It is a 99 years old development project. This exciting project is being developed by the renowned developers, Kin Seng Heng, Chip Eng Seng and Heeton.

why is high park residence one of the best residences of singapore

Facilities provided to the future residents

The residential units in the residence totals to 1399 units, ranging from 1 to 5 bedroom units along with penthouses. There are some interesting features of these units, which make them unique. These include:

  • Extremely convenient location, with the Seletar Malll being just minutes’ walk away.
  • Transportation is readily available, with the Thanggam LRT station being located very closely.
  • Availability of educational facilities with the reputable schools located nearby.
  • Low quantum. The units start at a very low price.
  • People living in the 6th floor or above are offered unblocked view.
  • Branded and luxurious kitchen appliances and fittings are offered.
  • The surrounding is quiet and peaceful
  • One can enjoy beautiful scenery and fresh air.
  • The employment opportunities provided to the future residents of High park condo is abundant, thanks to the upcoming Seletar Regional Centre and Seletar Aerospace

Uniqueness of the location of residence

The offerings of the residence is completely unique. It is true that there are other similar residences in Singapore with similar offerings, but it is the location of this upcoming residential project that makes it unique in true sense. It is hard to find a residence that has all the facilities located nearby. It is hard to mention any facility that is not available within touching distance of High Park Residence @ Fernvale. No doubt it is already a much talked about project.

The Peak @ Cambodia: the most talked about condo in all of Cambodia

The Peak @ Cambodia is going to be a tall tower with 55 storeys. This will a part of the label of Shangri-La hotel and will mainly have shopping mall as well as other components of recreation and leisure incorporated into one. The condo has been given to the company Oxley for its development. A five star luxury hotel having around 300 rooms will be constructed here. The hotel is located in Phnom Penh, which is the capital of the country of Cambodia.

the peak cambodia the most talked about condo in all of cambodia


The Peak @ Cambodia location is in the city of Phnom Penh, which in turn is situated on the banks of rivers Mekong and Tonle Sap. The location provides a beautiful view to all those people residing in the hotel or shopping in the mall. The population of the area is about 2 million and has a steady growth rate. The investment from foreign companies as well as the huge influx of tourists in the area is bringing about a rapid economic growth in the region. Improvements in the garment making as well as agricultural sector can also be attributed as the reason of growth.


The Peak @ Cambodia will be a feather in the cap of the rapidly developing economy of Phnom Penh. Cambodia is a culturally rich country, coupled with the variety of entertainment it provides the GDP of the region is growing steadily. The riverfront area in which the condo is located is especially busy and full of life always. The presence of international brands in the region has upped the glamour quotient of the place by quite a few notches. All the bars, cafes present in the area pale in comparison to the newly constructed Peak, which is magnificent in nature.

What makes people to prefer the water dispenser Singapore over the other options?

The water dispenser Singapore can serve the maximum of utility when you plan to get a dispenser for you office or houses. These appliances are user-friendly, highly functional and come for the least of the prices for which it had got greatly popular with people at large.

what makes people to prefer the water dispenser singapore over the other options

You simply can not fancy a chance with your health by consuming what ever water you get. Water pollution is one of the scorching issues upon health in concurrent times and in that regard the water dispensers is a must-have appliances for your homes as well as the offices.

The utility that these dispensers serve

The water dispensers serve the dual role of filtering the water and making it pleasant so that you get the supply of fresh and pure water seamlessly. In today’ time there is no dearth in the verities of these devices that comes across several forms of design and with various extent of dispensing capacities. The water dispenser Singapore had been identified as the best seller of all water filtration system in the world.

Attributes of the quality water dispenser

This water dispenser that is available in Singapore is enabled with the most advanced of technology that makes it highly functional. You would be able to get this dispenser very easily available at the real-time as well as the online shops and it can be installed very easily. The qualitative excellence in these devices gives it the longest of the life span and you would not need to put great deals of time and effort to maintain it. Thus it combines the highest of functionality with the maximum of user-friendliness.

Why people prefer to go for the Singapore water dispenser?

The water dispenser, through its improved features and high functionality ensures that the buyers get the maximum of value returned for the money they put on its purchases and hence the popularity is obvious.

Breast Implant Surgery to get that pair of Fabulous Boobs

Many women are unsatisfied with their breast size, had wished that they have larger assets. A question commonly asked would be, how to get bigger boobs? One simple and straight forward answer is via surgical way. More and more women chose to get breast implants to make their busts look fuller and bigger. Breast surgery to increase your breast is now the most important choice in when it comes to cosmetic enhancements provided by breast embeds surgeons around the nation. figures will show that the expansion of this business has been enormous over the past 2 decades.

breast implant surgery to get that pair of fabulous boobs

Reasons for Breast Implant Surgery:

  • Breast Implant is done for reconstructive purposes,
  • After mastectomy
  • For breast cancer,
  • Or for cosmetic reasons.

Breast implants doctors report says that have been current advancements that have made this surgery simpler than before. But at the same time the pain of the surgery is a fact, the knowledge and skill at present going through the operation is easy and simple because of the surgeons knowing of how to reduce the type of pain and ways to speed up the revival process. With present day solidity garments and connected apparel, the healing process can be faster and minus painful like before.

There are two kind of breast implants:

  1. Saline-filled implants, which are the silicone shells that is filled with sterile salt water or called as (saline).
  2. The second one is called as Silicone-filled implants which are silicone shells filled with a plastic gel (silicone). There are a lot of women who feels silicone implants looks more like real breasts

The risks associated with breast implants:

  • Pain in breast
  • Scarring
  • Infection
  • Breast starts bleeding
  • It forms scar tissue
  • After the implant breast tend to get harder
  • Difficulty with size and form of the implants
  • leak and ruptures
  • Breastfeeding becomes difficulty.

To avoid any kind of breast surgery problems, it is important to choose the correct surgeon with right proficiency.

The stars of Dragon Bane Asia

Dragon Bane Asia is a role playing game that involves multiple players on the go simultaneously. This makes the game all the more exciting and to a certain extent a tad bit more competitive. The star of this game has to be the characters offered and their traits. Now if one asks as to what makes the characters the star of the game one has to learn about the special features that are attributed to the main players of Dragon Bane.

the stars of dragon bane asia

Right at the beginning of the game, like in every other role playing game, one is given the option of choosing a particular character. Now each character has an attribute of his or her own. One character might be very skilled in combat while another might be learned in defence techniques. Thus there are various types of characters in the world of Dragon Bane. What makes these characters all the more interesting are the special features that they are endowed with. A character, depending on his or her progression in the game of Dragon Bane Asia, is given health, that determines his life term. The characters move through the game collecting crystals and a crystal score is determined on the basis of what crystal the character is currently in possession of. All the players who have attained the stage of VIP 3 are allowed a special benefit of morph. The morph is an option by which one can morph their Dragon Bane character into any other character. Now, this character will not only appear in the morphed form to the player but also to the other players as well. Thus morphing allows one to update or change the look of a character. One can also buy Dragon Bane Asia accounts to gain an edge over other players. With each and every update or even morph, every character is endowed with a special attribute.

Thus the flexibility of the character makes this MMORPG even more enticing.

The Great and Attractive Features of Kingsford Waterbay

Kingsford Waterbay is the proposed housing development scheme including 9 blocks of 16 storey Private condominium with 1157 units of residential apartments, 6 units of 2 story strata terraces, 2 units of semi-detached, retail outlets at basement with 1 story basement carpark, cellar auto stop, tennis court, swimming pool, clubhouse, childcare focus and common offices.

the great and attractive features of kingsford waterbay

Kingsford Waterbay is a new condo project brought to you by Kingsford development. Kingsford Waterbay Condo is found at Upper Serangoon See in District 19. Kingsford development has purchased 2 plots of land next to each other and is utilizing this 2 plot of land to create Kingsford Waterbay Condominium. The aggregate site zone comes up to a great 293, 806 sq ft of area. Kingsford Waterbay gives you offer to buy your own condo at 99 year leasehold near to Hougang MRT NE 14.

Why prefer Kingsford Waterbay?

  • Waterfront condominium and unblocked view of Sungei Serangoon.
  • Close proximity to educational institutions
  • Well connected to other parts of island
  • Communal, dinning, and shopping facilities
  • Surrounded by various kinds of niceties like healthcare centers, childcare centers, the future midtown, mall, and many more.


Future residents can head down for either Rivervale Plaza, Hougang Shopping center, Kang Kar Shopping center, Hougang Green Shopping center or Rivervale Shopping center for their eating, shopping and grocery needs. Alternatively, occupants can take a short commute to Conduit Point, a new and up and coming shopping center that is found comfortable at the Town Center.

Kingsford Waterbay’s is closeness to the Punggol Park which offers wide range of outdoor facilities for the whole family such as jogging, fishing, picnic spot, in water activities. For the education needs of the residents, Schools, childcare centers and kindergartens are also available in the area. Kingsford Waterbay is the ideal project for the families to invest for own condominium in Singapore.


If you try to buy a waterfront condominium, then Kingsford Waterbay is best option for you at affordable price. As the land shortage and land costs is major problem in Singapore. So, Kingsford Waterbay offers you multistory housing scheme at very reasonable rate. One should visit the project site to see all the features of the project.

Enjoy Life at Yishun Avenue Condo

Located at 6 Yishun Avenue and 9 Yishun Avenue, Symphony Suites is a resort style condominium that comes with all the best amenities available in the real estate market of the city. This condo is located in such place that you can commute to the city easily and at the same time you can enjoy the serenity of nature. Most of the modern facilities are available in this condo, whether it’s shopping marts or railway station or hospitals. Knowing a more things about Symphony Suites would surely let you decide the proud owner of a residential unit at this place.

enjoy life at yishun avenue condo

Basic facts

This condominium is developed by EL Development PTE Ltd or Evan Lim and Co. who has been developing such properties since 2006. They have successfully completed their earlier projects and focus to complete the present one by 2018. There would be 11 blocks with 15 stories in each block. If you want to get the best view of the city from your living area, and then just get any unit on or above 6th floor of the buildings, The buildings would be facing two sides, Some of them facing the Yishun Avenue 9 and the other facing Yishun Avenue 6.

Facilities available

The best part of living in Symphony Suites is that you can live amidst nature and yet get all the modern facilities out here. The area has been landscaped in such a way that you can encounter the fun of every season right inside the area of the condo. Apart from that you would get tennis court, Jacuzzi, child care centre and many more such facilities out here. It is located at few minutes away from the Yishun MRT station and thus commuting to the city would not take much time. Shopping malls and Educational Institutions are nearby making your daily life easier.

Why city gate of Singapore is best for holiday tour?

The city of Singapore is a beautiful city with diverse cultural backgrounds. The diverse and luxurious lifestyle makes living in the city of Singapore an enjoyable and attractive to many people all over the globe. But even with a diverse culture from the eastern countries the typical Singapore community still exists. The place is very much Asian but still the mixed diversity people put their national good before everything else. And the best place to stay in Singapore is the area near city gate residences.

why city gate of singapore is best for holiday tour

Peaceful city

Conflicts do not normally occur among people. They are quite people who go on with their lives. People imagine showing of anger is a weakness in you. This idea has made many different religious people to stay together without any conflict. Peace prevails over the whole city of Singapore. This makes economy of the country to soar high. You will never hear any news about Singapore being in any kind of conflicts. But you will always find all other countries in the news. Visitors are welcomes warm heartedly to their country.

Residential areas

Accommodation is not easy available in Singapore. Places are not so cheap and tenants tend to be of good quality. This is because most of the times even visitors tend to permanently settle down in Singapore. City gate residences is the most ideal place to get an accommodation.


This is the place if you want to live a life of less hectic. Connection to the city is good. Transport facility connects the suburbs to the main city. Katong village on the eastern coast is also very famous. For a calmer lifestyle, go to Woodlands near the border of Malaysia. People from this part of the city seldom go to the city unless they have to work.
Thus we see that though the city is a real peaceful place but the best place to stay in is the city gate.